With Sprinkles

39,431 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 22, 2017 Game Version: 1.12  

This mod includes a variety of items that I feel fit into vanilla Minecraft.


As of version 1.08 all items, enchantments, and blocks are able to be turned off in the config.


As of 1.08, recipes now support the vanilla advancement system.


Feel free to suggest any ideas that you think would improve the mod as I am open to changes.


You can suggest the features here, or you can do it on the github.


I hope you enjoy my mod and have fun playing Minecraft!


This Mod uses the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)


Report your bugs here







The Multiple Enchantment allows for you enchant your items multiple times. This works on all enchantable items . It does this by giving your item an additional mode that can be selected.  This enchantment has a max level of 2. Level 1 gives you one extra set of Enchantments, while Level 2 gives you 2 extra sets of enchantments.  When you want to change modes you must shift right click your item and the mode will change. The mode is displayed on you item's tooltip. NOTE: If you want to Upgrade from Multiple I to Multiple II you must have the Item set to mode 1.   




Exchange will replace the block that you break with the block that is in your off hand.  This is handy for upgrading your cobblestone house to stone bricks or if you want to build a complex design. Sneaking will stop the Exchange Enchant from working.





Felling will chop down entire trees with one swing.  This will work with all logs even the ones that you placed.





Fracking will mine out an entire ore vein as long as the ores blocks are connected. If this does not work with a certain ore please file an issue and I will fix the issue.



Fiery Aura



Fiery Aura will attempt to smelt the block being mined.  If it is unable to smelt the block then the block will drop its normal drops.You must use the correct tool while harvesting in order for the block to smelt.



Lost Pages



Lost Pages are loot items that can be combined with leather and paper or more Lost pages to create enchanted books. On average you will find 3 pages. 1 Lost page gives you common - uncommon enchants,  2 Lost pages give you uncommon to rare enchants, and  3 Lost pages gives you Very Rare - Treasure enchants.


 Obsidian Hopper

 Obsidan Hopper Recipe


This Block allows for items to be pulled out / put into  your personal Ender chest.  You must either place a Ender Chest on top of the Hopper or the Hopper must point into an Ender Chest.  NOTE: The Obsidan Hopper picks the Ender Chest to select by whoever placed the Obsidan Hopper.  This allows for wireless transfer of items across the world.  The hopper will only interact with the bottom row of your ender chest that way you can still use an ender chest for normal storage.  


Infused Eye of Ender


Infused Eye of Ender Recipe


 The Infused Eye of Ender allows for access to your Ender chest anywhere in the world.  Just right click with this item in hand and you will see your personal Ender chest. 


The Infused Eye of Ender can be combined with a piece of redstone in order for it be bound to a player. This allows for other player to access another player's ender chest. NOTE: The Player that its is bound to must be on the server at the time that you want to access their ender chest.  The eye will rotate when the bound player is online. This was changed in the 1.07 release to work when the player is offline.


Bound Ender Chest



This is a placeable ender chest that allows for other players to access another player's ender chest.  It is bound to who placed the block. It works even if the player is offline.


 Auto Dropper


Auto Dropper Recipe


As soon an item is inserted into the Auto dropper it will immediately spit it either into the inventory in front of it or it will spit it into the world.

An auto dropper can insert into another auto dropper to allow for rapid movement of items either horizontally or vertically.


Rain Detector



The rain detector emits a redstone signal while it is raining at the block.  The block emits a redstone signal of 4 for rain and 8 for thunderstorms.  The block fills with water when it rains.  The block must be able to see the sky.


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