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Bring the world of The Witcher to Minecraft with this Witcher mod!


Version 1.0

-mine silver ore and craft a silver witcher sword

-kill nekkers and get alchemy ingredients


Full description

The first version of this mod adds silver ore to the Overworld. Silver ore can be mined and can be turned into silver ingots using a furnace. The ingots can then be used to craft a sword, a shovel or a block of silver.

Another thing the first version of this mod adds to Minecraft are nekkers. Nekkers can be killed and looted. Their loot can be used to craft alechemy ingredients. This can be done by combining the loot with empty bottles. The ingredients can be used in a later update. A bottle with an alchemy ingredient in it can be emptied using a crafting table. The ingredient will be destroyed.


Next update

In the next update, there will be more monsters, which will also spawn automatically. The alchemy ingredients that can be looted from them, will be useful for creating potions, blade oils and bombs, which will be possible to do in this update. To create these things, you will also be able to use herbs that will be added.


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