Winnetrie's Expansion Mod

33,939 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 30, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

1.12.2 New Update (version!!!



 Worlds with version older then are NOT compatible!


 This mod add various building blocks to the game you always ever wanted.

- Colored bricks blocks

-Terracotta bricks blocks

-Carved and Cracked terracotta bricks

-Slabs, stairs, walls for all terracotta blocks (modded blocks included) and also concrete blocks

-Limestone & Marblestone worldgen + many variations + slabs, stairs and walls included (customizeble worldgen)

-Limestone generates in water biomes such as rivers and oceans. This is hardcoded.

-Marblestone generates in Mountain biomes. This is hardcoded.

-Stained Clay with their respective stained clayballs and bricks.


The Following stuff is turned off in the config by default and no recipes are included. This is for modpack makers to customize their pack:

-Tin ore world gen (customizeble worldgen)

-Nuggets, ingots, dust, plates, metalblocks for Solder, Tin, Bronze and Invar. (in Immersive Engineering Style)

-Liquids for Solder, Tin, Bronze, Invar.

-Gears for various metals

-Various drinkable bottles with no effects. (Need more drinkables for Tough as Nails? Your welcome!)

-Various liquids for all those drinks (Go add your recipes to a squeezer, to make your fruit juices!)

-Added solder wire, solder wirecoil, calcium carbonate, natrium carbonate, silica, silicablend.

-Added functionel terracotta buckets (and ofcourse an unbaked 1) that can hold only water or lava.

-Terracotta buckets filled with lava will break when used. This is an intended features to be used as a tier 1 bucket (your welcome modpack makers)



Enjoy building with beautifull blocks!!

Yes you are allowed to use this in a modpack!!

Do not upload this mod to another page and download only from this page or from within

your curse/twitch client.


For any questions, join the discord server: 






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