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“Why is the logo is a circle?”


Winged is a mod by NotJustAnna which adds permanent wings to Minecraft.

Quit using Elytras, find yourself a Core of Flight, and make yourself one from many possible wings!

Quick Start:
i. End Cities will contain Cores of Flight. Buried Treasures, Simple Dungeons, Woodland Mansions and Abandoned Mineshafts will contain Broken Cores of Flight, which you can fix with slimeball and diamond.
ii. Wings can be crafted with various materials (some being mob drops added by the mod, for example), and once equiped, will stay in your player even after deaths with keepInventory off!
iii. You can remove your wings by making a ceremonial knife and dipping it in a flask of Dragon Breath. Be careful, though. It will hurt.


Current Wings available:


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"Will there ever be a Forge version":

Join Winged Discord, that's the place for discuss stuff as well as the source of all sneak peeks of this mod!