WildNature | A Wilder Experience

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Filename wildnature-2.0.0 ALPHA.jar
Uploaded by matez
Uploaded Aug 3, 2019
Game Version Forge
Size 8.82 MB
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MD5 8cb6e872d9072c358e243403650a73ff
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Hello there!

Our community voted positively about alpha versions of wildnature so here it is.

This version adds only blocks, and trees, worldgen is not changed & no biomes added yet.

Now you can only build on creative, blocks and items on upcoming versions will not disappear(or something)



*starting from vanilla 1.14.4*

  • added aspen tree
  • added larch tree
  • added mangrove tree
  • added poplar tree
  • added all trees from wildnature 1.2
  • added planks
  • added parquets
  • added woods
  • added stripped logs
  • added stripped woods
  • added slabs
  • added parquet slabs
  • added stairs
  • added parquet stairs
  • added 3d saplings(rebuilding items as seeds like DynamicTrees saplings)
  • added wooden fences
  • added logged fences
  • added wooden fence gates
  • added logged fence gates
  • added wooden pressure plates
  • added logged pressure plates
  • added wooden buttons
  • added logged buttons
  • added doors
  • added trapdoors
  • added signs(not working)
  • added rocks from wildnature 1.2
  • added polished rocks
  • added walls
  • added pressure plates
  • added buttons
  • added pillars(items are bugged)
  • added grass blocks from wildnature 1.2
  • added grass paths
  • added dirts
  • added green apple
  • added acorn
  • added larch cone
  • added cherry
  • added pear
  • added corn
  • added plum
  • added cherry flower(not working)
  • added jacaranda flower(not working)
  • added plum flower(not working)
  • added WildNature world type - prepared for adding climatic biomes(no visible changes yet)


If you want to help me and want to get finished and playable version earlier, you can help me with textures! Send to our discord doors and trapdoors blocks and items textures, with your nick for crediting.

If you want to change or add something, write to me by discord or curseforge.

Next versions coming soon!