Wildcraft: Advanced animals and realistic genetics in Minecraft!

Have you ever wished Minecraft's animals weren't so mundane?  That wolves could do more than just fall into lava and die, and that cats didn't just scare off creepers?  If so, you've come to the right place!

WildCraft is an all-new breed of animal mod that implements an advanced genetic system based off real-world animal genetics! With dozens of possible markings to breed for, there are literally hundreds of combinations for each species!  And now, you can also train your animals to increase their stats, and breed them in hopes of developing an even stronger line!  The possibilities are endless!

For more detailed information, please check out the official wiki !

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The update is here!

The update has arrived!  This update introduces an inheritable, randomized statistics and level up system, new behaviors, and a configuration file and GUI!  It also adds Biomes O'Plenty compatibility, allowing wolves to spawn in BOP biomes, and fixes several bugs from the previous version.


Previous Updates:

Update 1.0

WildCraft's 1.0 update has finally arrived!  This update introduces a re-worked wolf with advanced genetics and level-ups! There is still some work to be done on the training system and on optimizing the mod for user-friendliness, but that content will be released in smaller patches as the mod develops, based off your feedback!



 Terms of Use:

General/distribution/mod packs: You are free to use this mod for personal use. You may use it for non-commercial public use as well, as long as you link back to this thread or the Curse page and use official download links. If you wish to put this mod in a pack that is redistributed commercially, contact me about it and we'll discuss terms.

You may NOT redistribute this mod by itself in a way that allows you to earn money off of it.



You are free to use this mod in your videos/make reviews on it/etc., and may monetize videos of the mod. However, you must link back to this thread or the curse page in your video description! Also if you're making videos on this, I'd love to see :)

This mod has NOT been tested for server use. You are more than welcome to put it on your server, but know that I do NOT have experience with multiplayer modding and may not be able to support server issues. I will certainly do my best, but I cannot guarantee my ability to address issues that may result if this mod is run on a server.


To report a bug-

Please post on the github issue tracker or email me at wildcraftmc2017@gmail.com with a description of the bug, what you were doing when it happened, and your error log. Please make sure your bug is not already listed (also check closed issues!) before reporting!

If using other mods, please check the known incompatibilities list on the forum thread here to see if another mod may be causing the issue.


Note: At this time, WildCraft does not appear to work on servers.  I will be looking into this after I get the remainder of the canine content balanced and the rest of the bugs sorted.


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