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Conductive Copper

REQUIRED DATAPACK: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/customization/bug-fix-conductive-copper/files/all due to a bug, the following datapack was not included in the mod. These will be added in the next release, until then, please add these.

This is a Fabric mod requiring the Fabric api for 1.19.2 found here

Wild mod: Conductive Copper is the first part in a series of mods related to wildly requested features and missed opportunities related to the wild update. With this first step, I introduce several redstone changes.

  • Copper conducts redstone signals similar to redstone dust. The more oxidized the copper is the more the signal degrades.
  • Blackstone buttons now work for half the time they used to, making them different from stone buttons.
  • Introducing: Copper buttons - They work like stone buttons but with press times of 5, 15, 25, or 35 depending on oxidation level.
    • Craft with a single block to get 9 (standard button recipe, not crafted with ingots)
  • Introducing: Copper Pressure Plates - They detect the number of items in the inventory of entities on them. If the cumulative inventory of the entities on it is large enough, they'll output power.
    • Craft with 2 blocks to get 9 (standard pressure plate recipe, not crafted with ingots)
  • Comparators have unique behavior with copper
  • Copper oxidizes slightly faster
    • further increased if exposed to water
    • copper that has a full charge oxidizes faster

This mod adds 2 important new tags

  • chargeable_copper: Copper blocks that charge each other. It defaults to all copper blocks waxed and unwaxed (not cut copper)
  • conducts_copper: Redstone components that can be powered by copper.
    • Defaults to all components except wood doors, wood trapdoors, fence gates, and redstone wire.
    • Copper will always recieve power from redstone independent of if redstone itself can be powered by copper.

Copper will charge adjacent copper blocks with its power level minus 1 (same as redstone dust). Any copper that has been oxidized or partially oxidized will reduce the signal by an additional 1 level per oxidation level. Thus fully oxidized copper taking in a signal strength of 15 will output 11 to its neighbors.

When read by a comparator copper gives a fractional signal:

  • Copper: 1/2 charge level rounded up (15 -> 8)
  • Exposed Copper: 1/2 charge level rounded down (15 -> 7)
  • Weathered Copper: 1/4 charge level rounded down (15 -> 3)
  • Oxidized Copper: 1/8 charge level rounded down (15 -> 1)

This behavior also is mirrored if read by the side of a comparator

NEW TO 1.1 Release:

When measure shulkerboxes on copper pressure plates, their content gets counted. This also applies to players who have shulker boxes in their inventory.