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Have you ever been playing in a big modpack, or even vanilla Minecraft, and found yourself wondering what a specific item you have does? Or have you ever been playing in Minecraft and you wished for an easy solution to getting your questions answered? Well my friend, I have a solution for you.

WikiLink is a utility used to open various information sources based on what you want to look up inside of Minecraft. If you are curious about the functions of redstone, all you have to do is use one of the various built in functions of WikiLink and you’ll get the information you need in seconds via your default web browser.

WikiLink has been tested and has been proven to work on all operating systems including Windows, Mac and Linux or Unix. Thank you to my valiant testers for helping me squash bugs and fix problems regarding operating systems and browser handling. If you are experiencing a bug however, please do not hesitate to post in this thread, send me an email, or even tweet me.

WikiLink is super easy to use, making getting information on mostly every item in the game a breeze. You can open the WikiLink menu GUI by pressing the default key - I - (Configured in NEI keybindings menu) while hovering over an item in your inventory or the NEI item panel. The WikiLink menu will display a series of information sources based on that particular item including Wikis, Google links and even YouTube videos.

You can select any of the information sources by clicking on one of the brown boxes until it turns green. When selected, you can either open the link automatically in your default browser or you can copy the link directly to your clipboard so you may paste it in the chat or send it to a friend.

Installation is easy. Just install Forge and then put WikiLink into your /mods/ directory Posted Image WikiLink can not and should not be installed on a server. Doing so will cause the earth to implode.

WikiLinkLib HAS BEEN REMOVED/DEPRECATED. It is now built into the WikiLink jar and WikiLink will now remain a one file mod from here on.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with this project, as if it weren't for your support and guidance I most likely would have not come this far. There are also a couple of folks in particular who I would like to personally thank;

  • Vswe, You're a great modder and a great teacher. I really enjoyed learning with your video course. The amount of effort put in to those videos is incredible. Your series is the best on Youtube and I really hope you are proud of it.
  • ScottKillen, I'm not sure if when you asked if I wanted to implement mod support into WikiLink you realized I was a novice programmer, but you took the extra steps of talking me through the problems I was having and I really appreciated that. Thank you for helping me out, because I couldn't have mod integration without you!


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