Wick is a fairly small mod that introduces new unique features into the Nether. These features are mainly themed around the Blaze but more will be added in the future.


So far, this mod has added:

  • 3 mobs
  • 10+ items
  • 8 blocks
  • 5 advancements and 1 hidden advancement
  • 1 armor piece
  • 1 structure (along with it's variants)

Main Features

The Ember



There are a handful amount of features in this mod but one stands out the most and that is having a baby Blaze as a pet, also known as Ember.

The Ember is a smaller version of the Blaze that can only be spawned by players. (Steps below.)


Every Blaze has a 1% chance of dropping a Heart of Blaze, a powerful fuel source that can last for 30 minutes, it is also used for crafting a Cold Ember.

Once you have crafted the Cold Ember, it needs to be heat up in a Blast Furnace specifically for 3 minutes. After some time, you'll be left with a Scorching Ember.

The Scorching Ember must be right-clicked onto a Magma Block and voilà! You have obtained a pet baby Blaze!

But wait! They're not tamed! To tame them, cook up some delicious Activated Blaze Rod by cooking Blaze Rods in a Smoker then feed it to them. (It might take a few.) A tamed Ember can provide some benefits while exploring in the hostile Nether, not only they protect you from angry mobs but they can apply useful effects to their master! Simply feed them with Magma Cream (Fire Resistance), Blaze Powder (Strength) or Ghast Tear (Regeneration). The Ember is also "Bucket-able" with a Lava Bucket. (Won't place lava so it's less dangerous.)


The Auferno



The Auferno, a very dangerous armored Blaze forged by Piglins, these golden Blazes are very aggressive and can do both melee and ranged attacks!

Careful when mining Gold Blocks or Spawners in the nether without the Silk Touch enchantment, especially in Bastions where they disguise themselves as a normal looking Gold Block. When released from it's eternal prison, the player will surely experience an explosive surprise!