Why Not Craft

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Why Not Craft - Reasons Behind The Mod, Why not!! This Mod Requires Forge To Work

This Mod Is Universal!!

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This mod is a collection of my old mods Optional Extras and Super Blades Pack. It also contains new items and will be kept up to date and updated as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or queries leave a comment below and I will try to reply as soon as possible but bare in mind I do have to sleep ;D.

Crafting recipes will be added to the post soon but for now you can find the crafting recipes in the video at the top of the screen!

If you are interested in Minecraft servers then join: craftwellserver.co.uk This is my server and if I receive enough donations I will host a Why Not Craft server as well Posted Image

If you like the mod then please consider donating so that I can continue to develop the mod and make a server for all of you guys to come on. Eventually I plan to make a launcher that will automatically install Why Not Craft and will add the IP of the server to the multiplayer list automatically Posted Image

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CURRENTLY IN THE MOD 1. Samphium Ore 2 . Serillium Ore 3. Ice Blade 4. Dark Ice Blade 5. Fire Blade 6. Dark Gem Blade 7. Redstone Hollow Sword 8. Emerald Hollow Sword 9. Diamond Hollow Sword 10. Gold Hollow Sword 11. Iron Hollow Sword 12. Lapis Lazuli Hollow Sword 13. Stone Hollow Sword 14. Wooden Hollow Sword 15. The Blade 16. Samphium Head 17. Samphium Body 18. Samphium Legs 19. Samphium Boots 20. Moon Staff 21. Serillium 22. Samphium 23. Serillium Head 24. Serillium Body 25. Serillium Legs 26. Serillium Boots 27. Diamond Rapier 28. Gold Rapier 29. Iron Rapier 30. Stone Rapier 31. Wood Rapier 32. Sir Stabby 33. Blood Blade 34. Samphium Sword 35. Serillium Sword 36. Serillium Spade 37. Serillium Pickaxe 38. Serillium Axe 39. Serillium Hoe 40. Samphium Spade 41. Sapmhium Pickaxe 42. Samphium Axe 43. Samphium Hoe 44. Ember24 Mob 45. Ember24 MobEgg 46. Djelliotth Mob 47. Djellioth MobEgg

To Be Added More Mobs Biomes Worlds More Blocks More Items More EVERYTHING Posted Image


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