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Filename DungeonsArise-1.16.5-2.1.49-beta.jar
Uploaded by Aureljz
Uploaded Nov 22, 2021
Game Version 1.16.5   +1
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## Changelog


* Update in progress. More structures are being set up. Handle with care. If you run a modpack and want to update now, test throughly.


# Added the Illager Windmill, an 'early game' structure. This is a revamp of the old windmill that was present on old versions of the mod.

# Added the Aviary, a hardcore End dungeon.

# Added two new advancements.

# Added exploration maps to several dungeons across the mod. This may cause brief TPS lag when opening a chest that happens to contain a rare structure map, but this is vanilla behaviour and there is not much we can do about it. You'll now get more maps to explore rare dungeons without the need to bribe cartographers.

# Changed lots of loot tables: buffed Infested Temple treasures, buffed Thornborn Towers barrels and top chests, nerfed many others.

# Fixed Heavenly Challenger mobs and loot tables. This means that particular chest right behind the throne won't be empty anymore.

# Thornborn Towers have extra "broken bridge" terminators. These structures are sometimes a little too big (even for this mod). You may encounter smaller towers from now on, although these are still massive structures.

# Small Prairie Houses, Mushroom Villages, Giant Mushrooms, and Mushroom Houses no longer generate on savannas or hot/dry plains biomes.

# Small Blimps will now try to stay away from the Thornborn Towers, due to their increasingly toxic relationship. Further changes may push blimps away from Shiraz Palace, too.

# Illager Campsites and Illager Windmills won't generate near villages anymore (hopefully).

# Debris Miners on Foundries won't drop netherite armor parts anymore. This only affects newly generated foundries though, so enjoy your netherite farms while you can.

# Switched "separation" and "spacing" values on the config file. This fixes a major (although harmless) error and a parity issue that affected Fabric versions.

# Added a brief comment about "spacing" and "separation" values on the config file:


"Basic configuration options
'Spacing' and 'Separation' values are useful if you want to tweak
the amount of structures that generate.
Keep in mind that spacing has to be higher than separation.
I.e.: shirazPalaceSpacing = 1, shirazPalaceSeparation = 0 will generate the 'Shiraz Palace' on every possible chunk.
'SpawnpointSeparation', on the other hand, is used to prevent structures from generating near x = 0, z = 0.
Further customization options are available through datapacks. This includes structure layout, loot and mobs."


NOTE: This version WILL break if you're using old config values. This is because 'spacing' has to be higher than separation from now on. The config file has also been renamed, to avoid a wave of crash reports arising from this change.