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# Re-enabled potion effects on Wishing Wells when InsaneLib is present. If you use both mods, please update InsaneLib to their latest version (1.1.1) - this will prevent certain crashes in relation to Area of Effect clouds on unloaded chunks.

# Added a new small structure from old versions of WDA, the Jungle Tree House. Contains early-game loot and should spawn on jungle biomes including modded jungles.

# Added a new dungeon - The Foundry. This one was already on the mod internally, but from now on it's enabled by default. If you've played WDA before, you may have to enable this dungeon manually on your config file. To do so, just go to your config folder, search for "whendungeonsarise-common.toml" and change "foundryGenerates" to true. Modpack devs should change this on their config files if they want this new structure to generate.

# Fixed some loot tables not working properly on Bandit Villages.

# Fixed an error on language files.

# Typhons no longer adjust the terrain around them. This fixes an issue that happened when Terraforged tried to adjust the terrain around these structures.

# Added russian translations for Exploration Maps thanks to DrHesperus!


Full 2.1.xx changelog from the previous updates:

This changelog continues the features added in the previous alphas. Once again, thanks MercyWhistles and Wyll for their amazing contributions.


I no longer recommend previous 1.2.68-1.2.72 versions of WDA over these new updates. Even though some dungeons haven't been added to this update yet, it's much more stable and adds many requested features. We tried to make most things datapackable, which means you'll be able to create custom datapacks to add, remove, change rooms or structures. Additionally, performance is much better now.



# Adopted a Jigsaw-based spawning system.

# Improved performance by a great amount. Structures won't cause huge lagspikes anymore when attempting to generate.

# All structures are now properly registered.

# Added support for vanilla /locate.

# Added support for cartographer maps. All cartographer villagers should be able to trade our structure maps. A new config option has been made, which will allow you to prevent certain dungeon maps from being added to villager trades. In the future, some maps will be specifically found on certain dungeons or wandering traders.

# Added support for advancements. We will create custom advancements on the near future, but for now this means modpack developers will be able to create custom quests involving our strucure's boundaries.

# Added a wider support for datapacks. This allows players to add, change and remove dungeon rooms or parts to suit their needs. You are also able to change most (if not all) spawners, mobs, chests and barrels.

# Added new dungeons: The Thornborn Towers; Scorched Mines; Shiraz Palace; Plague Asylum; Typhons, etc.

# Reworked lots of dungeons (Names may be different too).

Here's a full list of all dungeons and structures available on this update:

Abandoned Temples, Bandit Villages, Ceryneian Hinds, Coliseums, Fishing Huts, Foundries (WIP), Giant Mushrooms, Heavenly Riders, Heavenly Challengers, Heavenly Conquerors, Illager Campsites, Illager Forts, Illager Galleys, Illager Corsairs, Illager Castles (WIP), Illager Halls (WIP), Infested Temples, Lighthouses, Merchant Campsites, Mining Systems, Monasteries, Mushroom Houses, Mushroom Mines, Mushroom Villages, Plague Asylums, Scorched Mines, Shiraz Palaces, Small Blimps, Small Prairie Houses, Typhons, Undead Pirate Ships, Wishing Wells, and the Thornborn Towers.

# Config files no longer include a spawnrate value - this has been replaced by separation and spacing configuration options. Added comments and sections to the config file.

# Spawners no longer use fireworks to spawn certain mobs. This solves certain crashes in relation to Skeleton Horse Spawning mod. Additionally, spawner-tweaking mods such as Harder Spawners are now compatible with WDA's spawners.

# WDA is now fully server-side. This means you can install the mod on your servers without having to install it on client-side too.

# Made internal data and resources much easier to handle for those willing to create datapacks. Structures are now divided in sections and properly organized (most of the time). Even then, we'll probably create an example datapack soon.

# Foundation Blocks have been removed in favor of server-side compatibility and better performance.