Wesserboy's Overlays

44,772 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 24, 2019 Game Version: Forge

This is a client side mod that adds some useful overlays to the game.

There are currently four overlays in the mod:


Light level overlay

This overlay shows blocks where mobs can spawn. A red X indicates mobs can always spawn there, a yellow X indicates mobs can spawn during the night. This overlay can be toggled using a keybind (F7 by default)


Chunk Boundary Overlay

This overlay shows the chunk the player is currently in. The yellow line indicates the middle, the red lines the corners and the green mesh makes the boundaries easier to see. This overlay can be toggled between three modes using a keybind (F9 by default): off --> yellow+red lines only --> the entire overlay. 


Slime Chunk Overlay

This overlay shows slime chunks. It shows a translucent slime in the middle of chunks that are slime chunks. It can be useful to combine this with the chunk boundary overlay. This overlay can be toggled using a keybind (F8 by default)


Bow Aim Overlay

This overlay shows a prediction of where an arrow will land. It shows a red X on the ground/mob that you will hit, and gives a preview of the target in the bottom left of the HUD. This overlay will automatically turn on when you draw your bow. It can be configured in the config file or using the mod options menu.



If you find any bugs, or have a suggestion for an existing or a new overlay, you can let me know on Github by creating an issue:



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