Welcome to the Jungle

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Update: New version of 1.12.2. See change log for some details. I have been working on upgrading from 1.12 for some time. It is a lot of work, and is still some way off being complete. I do still have ideas for expanding the mod, but they are on hold until I have an up-to-date version to work with. 


New beta version (1.2006) available for 1.12.2.

 – Rhinopters should no longer attack or move while "dying".


New version (1.2005) available for 1.12.2.

– Player owned Rhinopters no longer despawn on peaceful.


New version for 1.7.10 (1.0.9) has been added.

 – An option to outright disable my mods fog code has been added to the config. It is set to false as default.



Welcome to… The last upgrade for 1.12. Beginning tomorrow I will be updating to 1.13. This current version actually adds new features, chief among which is a new tameable creature that can be ridden by the player. I don't usually like to supply spoilers but there are some subtleties to the new Rhinopter that you should be aware of in order to avoid frustration.


  • There are 3 colours: red, blue, purple.
  • Only purple can be tamed and ridden.
  • Red and blue can be bred but not tamed and have a chance to produce purple offspring. They remain hostile: you have been warned.
  • Any mounts ridden by the saurohn cannot be tamed or ridden by a player so don't waste yourself.

I will not be adding any of the new features to older versions of my mod.



See change notes



Config options:
lost world dimension ID can be changed
retaining the ceremonial armour on death can be turned off
mod fog effects can be disabled


A Salvestrom Meincraft Mod: Welcome to the Jungle. 

This mod adds a variety of creatures, blocks and structures - as well as a few biomes and a dimension - all with the goal of enhancing the games jungle experience. 

Head to the nearest jungle and let the story-orientated achievements be your guide!

For  1.12.2, 1.11, 1.10, 1.9 and 1.7.10.

In order to see the two new biomes, set world type to Meincraft: Jungle. The mod can, however,
function on a standard world type.

The new achievements are viewable by opening achievements and clicking the button that says

All items, except spawn eggs, are found in their own tab of the creative inventory. Eggs are
under Misc. with all the others.


The two bosses have scaling maximum health - the more players that are near them, the larger the boss health. This adjusts on the fly. The new current health is recalculated as a percentage of the old, e.g. if a boss is at 75% health while fighting 10 players then 5 runaway (or die) the boss's new maximum health will go down, but the health bar will remain at 75% full.

Contact: remusmajora@gmail.com




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