copygirl's Wearable Backpacks

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Filename WearableBackpacks-1.10.2-1.6.2.jar
Uploaded by user-6837585
Uploaded May 4, 2017
Game Version 1.10.2
Size 160.83 KB
Downloads 28,697
MD5 b83aad665fb009a722042afc6eed722f
Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions


  • Add Inventory Tweaks support
  • Fix backpack not being placed directly at death spot
  • Fix dropped backpacks breaking when killed by a creeper (#22)
  • Allow configuring armor points of backpacks (and lower default to 2 points instead of 3)
  • Allow setting backpack armor using NBT data (e.g. {backpack:{armor:5}})
  • Rewrite configuration system / improve config screen (Picture)
    • Hopefully fixed some configuration issues..? (#23)
    • Disabling equipAsChestArmor will hint that some config values might not be used
    • Disabling backpacks turns off other backpack config controls completely

Hotfix update

  • Hopefully built the project properly this time
  • Fix NoSuchFieldError: _entry (#25)
  • Fix armor setting not being synchronized