930 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 4, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Have you ever wanted a boss that spawns on a daily basis? An expensive sword that's powerful? Well your in luck because this mod adds in both of those things and more!




2 mobs: The Phantom Of The Night, The Guardian of Light


1 sword: The Sword Of The Darkest Nightmares


1 pickaxe: The Pickaxe of Dark Nightmares


1 ore: Dark Nightmare Ore


1 ingot: Dark Nightmare Ingot


1 helmet: Cloaked Helmet


1 chestplate: Cloaked Chestplate


1 leggings: Cloaked Leggings


1 boots: Cloaked Boots


1 biome: Forge Of Nightmare


3 ranged weapons: Flame-Zooka, Creep-Cannon, Dagger Infused Tesla Airstrike Caller


Extra Info:


This mod is currently in Beta so expect some things to look weird.


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Please comment your thoughts on what I should add or improve


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