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Weapons of the World


From the depths of the Deep Dark to the twisting roots of a Mangrove Swamp, Minecraft always has something new to explore.

If you are looking for your next adventure, look no further-it's right here! Minecraft has a lot of possibilities, but it's pretty lacking in weapons. Sure, axes and swords get the job done, but if you want something with a little more diversity or flair, than this is the mod for you! With medeviel weapons based on Minecraft's structures and biomes, as well as custom 3D models and a little splash of lore, you can explore the world with a new challenge. Maybe you want a flaming sword? Visit the basalt deltas to grab some materials, then craft up a Basalt Longsword! Or if you want something a little more humble, you can make the Plains Scythe. Want something a little spookier? Visit the deep dark and raid an ancient city to make the Echoing Claymore. From explosive mushroom launchers to freezing daggers, this mod has something for everyone. Challenge yourself to collect all the weapons, or maybe use them to add a little lore & feel to your base. And now on version 1.20.1, you can make even more custom weapons, including Landmines, Cutlasses, Crossbows, Glaives, and more!

 So now with out further ado, I present to you...

                                                                                     Weapons of the World