Weapons of Olympus

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This mod adds 5 weapons and various resources based of Greek Mythology


The Weapons:

*See images tab for reference*


Firstly, Helios' Axe

Helios' Axe does 35 attack damage(17.25 Hearts) and 0.9 attack speed.

Functions as a normal axe. *Shown on top*


Right Click Ability:

Sets all mobs within a 20 block radius on fire for 15s.

Cooldown: 3s



Permanent Fire Resistance when in Inventory.


Next Hermes' Dagger.

Hermes' Dagger does 16 attack damage (8 Hearts) and 1.6 attack speed

Functions as a sword. *Shown on far right*


Right Click Ability:

Gives Speed V and Invisibility for 6s.

Cooldown: 8s





Third on the list is Hades' Greatsword

Hades' Greatsword does 32 attack damage(16 Hearts) and 1.6 attack speed.

Functions as a sword. *Shown on far left*


Right Click Ability:

Gives all mobs in a 20 block radius Wither 2 for 5s

Cooldown: 6s





Second to last is Apollo's Axe

Apollo's Axe deals 33.5 attack damage (16.75 Hearts) and 10.9 attack speed.

Functions as an axe. *Shown on bottom*


Right Click Ability:

Gives player Regeneration V and Instant Health V for 3s.

Cooldown: 4s.


Last but not least Zeus' Hammer!

Zeus' Hammer does 28 attack damage(14 Hearts) and 1.2 attack speed.

Mines faster than Gold functions as pickaxe. *Shown in the middle*


Right Click Ability:

Spawns 3 lightning bolts on any mob within a 20 block radius.

Cooldown: 4s





Next the resources:

*See images tab*



*Shown at bottom* The Shards of Olympus are the main resource they can be obtained in two ways:


 From a Master Weaponsmith for 4 Emerald Blocks and 3 Raw Copper or From a rare ore found only in jungle biomes which can ONLY be mined with Netherite tools or Zeus' Hammer.


Shards of Olympus are used to craft the ingots shown above. Which can be used in a Smithing Table to make the weapons. JEI recommended.



You ARE free to use this mod in a modpack. It would be greatly appreciated if you made a showcase video.


Thank You!



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