We Got Runners!

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We got Runners!

This mod aims to give players a zombie apocalypse vibe by making zombies AI fits into the style of apocalyptic games without adding new entities into the game so it fits through the game.

1. Zombies that are burning will gain more speed.

2. There will now be 2 news types of zombies. (Same entity but with different AI)

3. Normal Zombies will now randomly sprint to give zombies more different patterns when following the target.

4. This mod works with all types of zombies Husk, Drowned, Zombies villagers, and normal zombies

5. Drowned will also get swimming buff and speed when buffed.

6. Since zombies is a lot stronger this mod will also buff Iron golem and snow golem

------------------------------------------------Types of zombies AI-----------------------------------------------------

1. Runners

Run faster without stopping.

note: Baby zombies cannot gain this buff.

2. Grounders

Charges target and stun and weaken the target. ( Deals extra damage to Iron golems)

3. Walkers (Normal zombies)

Randomly sprints towards the target.

------------------------Types of zombies that appear from specific events---------------------------------

1. Burning Zombies

When a zombie is burning it gain more speed

2. Swampy zombies

when zombies are wet it has a chance to inflict slowness

3. Marauder Zombies

When zombies are armed with swords or axes they can sprint even longer and stronger

4. Rider Zombies (when Zombie Horse Spawn mod is installed)

Improve speed and defense when horse zombies are getting ridden.

Can also buff other zombies in radius with speed or resistance.

------------------------------------------------Iron golem-----------------------------------------------------

1. Now does area damage

2. able to shove away groups of enemies away

3. resistant to weakness

4. Iron golem is now heavily armored to physical damage

----------------------------------snow golem--------------------------------------------

1. Now does area damage.

2. Slow enemies.

3. able to throw ice bombs that freeze enemies in a huge area.

4. if attacked by their allies it will recover themselves.

5. Snowball now deal damage only on selected enemies.


How does it work?

The mod will randomly choose a random AI for zombies when they spawn.

1. Runners: Spawns only in the group (turns another normal zombie into runner zombies in 5 block radius when spawning) (The bigger the group the bigger the chance to

Becomes runners)

2. Walker zombies Normal spawning

3. Grounder zombies Normal spawning


To make this more realistic special zombies spawning chance are almost on par with the normal zombies.

Zombie villagers have more chances to become special infected

Some Zombies will have a weird movement pattern



1. Surly works fine with all AI mobs mods.

2. NO new entities use meaning any mods that edit zombies entities will work.

3. New Type of zombies will appear if the Zombie Horse Spawn mod is installed.







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Used texture pack:https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/texture-packs/tissous-zombie-pack-optifine-1-7x-1-16





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