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"We born from you

As dark from void,

As light from skies.

But now you've gone,

We're asking why,

What we did wrong?

Will find a way

Ascend alone..."

Part from old empire's elegy to gods

In this mod you can enter new dimesions which were colonies of the Great Steve Empire, fight a lot of bosses and learn history of this empire.

Mod contains 36+ armor sets and each of them provides some effects to you.

You can play by swords and contact damage or create range weapons and play as ninja.

Mod can use a lot of PC resources, so I recommend you to set chunk loading distance to 4-6 chunks

For recipes use JEI

You can donate for this mod by the link below



Read the Wiki 

and if you want, you can answer few questions to help me make this mod better



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