Last Updated: Jul 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2


May 6, 2017

Owner: Terpo

Mod Description


Waterworks is a mod for Minecraft that adds serveral water collecting mechanics.

Water mechanics in Minecraft were always quite boring, because it is simply infinite. Finite Water Control and Infinite Fluids add a way to get finite water. Waterworks works with both options but for the optimal experience, you should activate finite water.

Overview of the current mechanics

Raintank Early game rain collection block with a small inventory for water and automating.

Multiblock Raintank This collection will need some more materials and comes as an multiblock. It will generate water a bit more quickly and uses the connected collectors as multiplier. The shape of your structure is on your side but there is configurable maximum range from the controller block.

Groundwater Pump This pump need clear sight to bedrock, to get the water from beneath. It will make use of forge energy for each pump operation.

Rain Rocket Craft some ghast tears with a Minecraft firework rocket to get your own rain rocket. Values for maximum ghast tear multiplier and rain duration are configurable.

Anti Rain Rocket Craft some sponges with a Minecraft firework rocket to get your own anti rain rocket. Values for maximum sponge multiplier and clear sky duration are configurable. This rocket drops wet sponges after usage.

 Waterworks - Release Spotlight (1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.11.2)

 Modpack integration


You can use this Mod in private and public Modpacks. There is no need to give credit, but I would appritiate it.



Further information can be found in the Wiki

The Source can be found on Github

Please do not use the comment section for Crashlogs. You can post them on Github.


Waterworks is licensed under the MIT License.


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