TFC Water Flasks


Water Flasks for TFC:TNG!

Announcing the 1.20.1 Release!

1.20/1.18: Bladders

With the demise of skills in 1.18, bladders now drop more often when animals are killed with higher damage weapons. A red steel axe is approximately 2x more effective that your fists.

Drop Chances

Animal Drop Chance
Bovines 50%
Moose 50%
Bears 20%
Equines 20%
Sheep 10%
Goat 10%
Alpaca 10%
Deer 10%

The flasks break at 100 damage for leather, and 400 for iron. They can be repaired using bladders.

The durability bar is the color of the liquid inside, if any.

Leather Flask

  • To make the leather flask, you'll need two strings, a bladder, two leather sides, and a knife.
  • The capacity of this leather flask is 40% of the OG version, as it was very overpowered.
  • The leather sides are knapped out of leather. Please look the recipe up in JEI, as it is different from the old Leather Sac recipe.
  • Fluid level in the leather flask is indicated by the apparent size.

Iron Flask

  • Recipe includes burlap and an unfinished flask which is forged out of an iron sheet.
  • The iron flask has quadruple the capacity of the leather flask.
  • The iron flask requires burlap to repair.
  • Fluid level in the iron flask is shown by a bar in the center of the item.

Known issues:

  • Filling flasks consumes the source block
  • Flasks filled with all possible fluids do NOT show up in JEI, but do show up in creative tabs
  • Iron Flasks can no longer be disabled as a config option, use a datapack instead

TFC Addon history

This was heavily inspired by Emris' Leather Water Sac 1.7.10 TerraFirmaCraft(TFC) add-on.

The Water Sac Curseforge Page is not by the original author, and has the license completely incorrect. The source for the original mod is on github.

I missed this mod so much for TerraFirmaCraft for 1.12.2+ (TFC:TNG), I needed a replacement.

1.12: Bladders

As butchering skill increases, the chance to drop a bladder will increase, with certain skill levels required before the bladder is obtainable from that species.

Animals Butchering Minimum
Bears Novice 50
Bovines Adept 60
Equines Adept 50
Camel Adept 50
Sheep Expert 25
Goat Expert 25
Alpaca Expert 25
Llama Expert 25
Deer Expert 15
Gazelle Expert 15

As usual, if you break it, you get to keep the pieces.

Please see the TFC:TNG discord at https://invite.gg/terrafirmacraft in channel #content, thread WaterFlasks for support.

Huge props to the TFC:TNG project for building a mod so much easier to code for than 1.7.10!




Coach for the textures!


Awesome translators!

Happy TFC!