Wasteland Meteors

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Wasteland Meteors


This is an addon to the EzWasteland mod to generate meteors in the wasteland world generation.  These meteors are then a way for a modpack designer to inject ores, and resources into the map, that the player must mine out.


Note: This mod requires: ezwastelands version: 1.11-1.2.jar or newer




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New Generation Features


This mod adds 2 new features to the wasteland customization options

  • Surface Meteors
  • Underground Meteors

These are both spherical objects of "Meteor Blocks" where the inside is packed with various resources sent in some recent bombardment from space.


The surface ones can be found exposed to the air at the bottom of small craters in the landscape.


The underground ones however have been fully submerged, a small circular ripple or bulls eye exists on the surface above them.  Shallow ones  have larger ripples, deeper have very small or non-existent ones.  However along side the other terrain features of the wasteland these can be difficult to detect from the ground, flight or a mini map may be required to help expose such features.


The rewards for the hidden meteors however are worth it, frequently packed with more rare resources, and (by default) mob spawners and dirt: finding a large one may significantly help your survival.


Both types of meteors contain ores, and specialty stones, in addition to meteor chests of plant life imported from some alien location.


New Blocks and Items


This mod adds the meteor block, along with slab, stair, and chest versions


The meteor chest is a 18 slot chest (6x3) that will not merge with an adjacent inventory.  And by default can be found in meteor chests pre-filled with a verity of plant life, and grass blocks.


 Meteor Blocks, Variations 

Loot Table

This mod adds a new loot table "wasteland_meteors:chests/minecraft_plants" with a reference to most vanilla plant items used by default in the meteor chests generated in some of the meteors.


Meteor Village


This is a new preset for the wastelands terrain generator that exists when the mod is installed.

This includes villages, meteors, and some small lake areas.  Seems some villages may have flooded recently.


If played on survival you ought to be able to use the villages to find some initial iron tools to mine up the contents of the meteors and progress relatively normally.


To use the meteor village preset:

1) Create a new world, 2) choose more world options, 3) Set world type to "Wastelands", 4) click customize, 5) click Presets, 6) Select "Meteor Village", 7) Click select, 8) Click Done, 9) Last "Create New World"

 Meteor Village Thumbnail 


(Note all the pre-existing EzWasteland presets will have meteors added once you add this mod to your pack)


There are two type of customization this mod offers:


1) World generation: The meteor frequency and other tweaks are controlled by the ezwasteland customization screen, along with the normal builtin tweaks of the wasteland terrain generator, look for the subsection "Surface Meteors" and "Underground Meteors"


2) The ores, and treasures inside the meteor are loaded from a configuration json file see "config/wasteland_meteors.json"


The later json file lets you add/remove/and change the weight of blocks (and tile entities) to be created inside the meteors. If the file dosn't exist on load a version with the default blocks is auto generated.  This is your template for any changes you may wish to make.


(Some notes: The meta is either the metadata number or the blockstate string as would be parsed by /setblock, in most cases it is recommended to use block states not the metadata number, or leave blank for the default.  The nbt data for tile entities can also be included, remember however the nested json must be properly escaped for the nbt string to work.)


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