Warden Horn

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Adds a Warden Horn capable of firing Sonically Charged Shrieks
A worthy reward for a worthy battle. Beat the Warden to get ahold of this combat upgrade.
Player using the Sonically-Charged Shriek

What is a Sonically Charged Shriek?
A Sonically Charged Shriek is the Warden's ranged attack. The holder of this horn can utilize that attack for their own means.
Warden Using Shriek
Configuration Options:
The Warden Horn is completely configurable. The following can be changed by server operators and modpack creators:
- Range
- Damage
- Knockback
- Recharge Time
- Drop Amount
If using Forge or Fabric 1.19.1/1.19.2, this config will be located in saves/[world]/serverconfig/.

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Modpack Policy:
You are free to include this mod in any Modpack hosted on CurseForge.