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WallpaperCraft adds hundreds of new building blocks in a vast range of colours. We've also integrated classic building blocks like clay, wood, glass and bricks.


As of July 2019 we are working on an updated 1.12.2 version!

The new version includes simplified recipes, new blocks and will be released soon :)




1.7.10 & 1.10 Recipes


First craft a blank pattern press out of wood and paper, then choose a pattern you like and craft a patterned press. These presses are necessary to craft the wallpaper blocks.

We currently have 16 patterns:

wool (blank press + wool)

wood (blank press + wood)

clay (blank press + hardened clay)

brick (blank press + brick)

stone brick (blank press + atone brick)

stone lamp (blank press + stone + glowstone)

checkered wool (blank press + trapdoor)

striped wallpaper (blank press + quartz pillar)

floral wallpaper (blank press + flower)

diagonally dotted wallpaper (blank press + stick)

dotted wallpaper (blank press + melon seeds)

rippled wallpaper (blank press + string)

stamped wallpaper (blank press + stone slab)

tinted glass (blank press + glass + dye)

textured glass (blank press + glass)

frosted glass (blank press + glass + sand)



Then craft solid colored blocks out of colored hardened clay. 9 colored clay makes 9 solid colored blocks. There are 8 possible base colors:
- blue hardened clay = solid blue, set of 15
- gray hardened clay = solid gray, set of 15
- yellow hardened clay = solid yellow, set of 15
- brown hardened clay = solid brown, set of 15
- green hardened clay = solid green, set of 15
- purple hardened clay = solid purple, set of 15
- red hardened clay = solid red, set of 15
- cyan hardened clay = solid cyan, set of 10

These solid colored base blocks are important, all the other blocks are made with them. Any solid colored block in combination with a pattern press will make a patterned block.


Once you’ve made the new blocks you have the possibility to chose from 15 different shades (cyan has only 10). To chose your color you can either put a block in a crafting grid and then cycle through the shades, or you can use a chisel to select the desired color (Install Chisel for).

 Some blocks are only available in 16 different colors.


Glass panes and carpet are crafted the traditional way.



NEW 1.12.2 BLOCKS! 


You are free to use WallpaperCraft in your mod pack and we would appreciate if you could credit us with a link back to this site.


A big thanks to TehNut for help with the meta scrolling!

Many thanks to therealforcex for porting the mod to 1.12.2 and doing a brilliant job!



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