Why Am I Lagging Tho is a mod designed to provide visibility into a servers performance (and connected clients)

Note: Versions 0.4.0 and above are NOT regular forge/fabric mods. This is a Java Agent, that needs to be applied via JVM arguments: -javaagent:/path/to/wailt.jar

Data is exposed via json over (secure) websocket, to be consumed by a webapp


  • Websocket / Web API.
    • Optional Authentication.
  • JVM Statistics.
    • Memory.
    • Thread counts.
  • Level tick statistics.
    • TPS.
    • Mean duration.
  • Network statistics
    • Overall inbound/outbound.
    • Per player inbound/outbound.
    • Per packet inbound/outbound.
    • Custom payloads (mod channels) inbound/outbound.
  • Entity count statistics per Level.
    • Overall per level.
    • Grouped per type.
    • Grouped per chunk.
  • Block Entity tick statistics.
    • Per type.
  • Entity tick statistics
    • Per type.
  • Player join/leave events.