Waila Inhibitors

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Waila Inhibitors

This mod brings some challenge and restriction to the Waila Mod. This is done by inhibiting or altering the Waila HUD under certain circumstances. 


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  • The Blindness status effect will prevent the Waila HUD from displaying.
  • The Nausea/Confusion effect will cause info for entities and blocks to be unreliable.
  • When the player is in dark areas, the Waila HUD will be prevented from displaying.
  • Fully customizable through configuration file.
  • Enforced Server Side


Q: How does this mod function, in terms of servers?

A: This mod does not have any features on the server side of things, and the features of this mod will still function on servers without it installed. That being said, there are no adverse effects when installing this mod on a server, and doing so will require all connecting players to have this mod installed. 


Q: What does Enforced Server Side mean?

A: This means that if a server has this mod installed, connecting users will require this mod to also be installed. While this is typically the norm for Minecraft mods, the Waila mod, and many of it's addons are "Client Side Optional", this means that the clients connecting to a server that has the mod installed, will not require to have that mod installed. Given the nature of this mod, that is NOT the case, and clients are required to have the mod installed. 


Q: What mods are required in order for this mod to run?

A: This mod depends on the Waila mod, and the Waila Events mod. Both mods will have to be installed before you can use this mod. 


Q: Can I use this mod in my modpack? 

A: Yes, this mod is licensed under the MIT License.


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