Stupid Weapons - 1.16.5 (v.1.8.1)

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Wacky Weapons

1.8 : The Chicken Revolution Update - ¨Part 2


10,000 Download! Thank you very much to all !
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"Stupid Weapons" is a mod that adds plenty of new weapons to Minecraft !


For years, the chickens have been persecuted and hunted for their feathers and their meat ... This is why they decided to rebel and build up an army of powerful Mecha! Beware, players, because they intend to avenge themselves for all the suffering you have made them endure.



Do not hesitate to submit your ideas to improve this mod! 



- the Carrot Sniper :

An powerfull sniper with a capacity of 3 carrots*, shoot far and strong but make no damage on blocks (check craft in images)


- the Golden Carrot Sniper :

Better, Stronger, Higher than the carrot sniper but with still a capacity of 3 golden carrot *


- the Potato Launcher :

A short distance weapon that throw explosive potato (make damage on block) with a capacity of 10 potato *

- the Hot Potato Launcher :

Upgraded Potato Launcher that throw incendiary explosive potato (same capacity)


- the Poisonous Potato Launcher

Improved Potato Launcher that throws a poisonous explosive potato (releases poison gas on contact)

- the Chicken Gun

A poor chicken tied on a stick (you monster) that shoot eggs. It has no capacity, as long as you have eggs in your inventory it shoots 


- the Spider Gun

A poor spider tied on a stick (stop it !) that shoot string. On contact, string can create cobweb. It has no capacity, as long as you have string in your inventory it shoots 


- the Cactus Thrower

Throw a cactus that explodes by spreading its thorns. No block damage


- the Anvil Launcher

The first community weapon ! Launch an heavy anvil, if no entity is struck by the anvil, it lands on the ground


- the Villager Rocket

A Rocket that make some pretty huge explosion. It is made from 3 parts, complicated to make themselves



- the Snowball Canon

Shoot Snowball further and with a stronger knockback than a simple snowball throw


- the Inked Snowball Canon

An improved version of the Snowball Cannon that throws an inked snowball that blinds on contact (the Inked Snowball can't be throw without canon for the moment)


- the Cod Launcher

Launch a living cod that deal strong knocback and damage (the cod drop on floor after contact and can be collected with a bucket of water) use bucket of cod as munition


- the Pufferfish Launcher

Launch a living pufferfish that deal strong damage and knockback, also inflicts poison (the pufferfish drop on floor after contact and can be collected with a bucket of water)  use bucket of pufferfish as munition


- the Slinshot

the less wacky weapons of the mod, a simple slingshot that shoot cobblestone


 - the Torch Thrower

The second weapon ask by community ! It throw a torch that burn on contact, if no entity is hit, a torch is place


- Pumpkin Launcher

Launch an explosive Pumpkin (same power as a TNT), an can sometime put a pumkin on the head of the player (the helmet will drop)


- The Villager Rocket Launcher

Fisrt block the the mod: enter a location, put your rocket in and wait for magic


 - The Seed Machine Gun

Machine Gun that shoot a lot of wheat seed very quickly (eache seed deal very low damage but the dps still high)


- The Pumpin Seed Machine Gun

Upgraded version of the Seed machine Gun that shoot stronger Pumpkin seed


- The iron Golem Arm

(Community Weapon) Fist melee weapon of the mod. It deal strong Damage and knock out the ennemy (give blindess (1s), nausea (2s) and slowness (3s)). It also have an exclusive 3D Model !


- The Blaze Gun

A Blaze glued to a stick that shoot fireballs. (yeah pretty simple but just as cruel)

- The Bread Bazooka

the favorite weapon of the French peoples ! (not my favorite yeah but i'm still french). Iyt shoot a bread rocket that explode on block contact



* once the charger is empty, it must be recharged


- The Little Chi-KN Mecha

The first Mecha from the Chi-KN Rebellion Army. This machine is fast and furious, so do not underestimate the small units because once surrounded you are screwed. The chicken fall from the Mecha when it's destroyed


- The Chi-KN Drone

A flying engine that shoot egg from the sky. Good Luck to knock them down


- The War Chi-KN Mecha

The Best unit from the Chicken Army. It shoot egg from distance take make it hard to approach


- The Engineer Chi-KN Mecha

They are the one who are making mecha but.. who made the first engineer Mecha ?


- The Chi-KN Factory

This building is where the Chi-KN Mecha are made, but this is not the Head Quarters of the Chi-KN army, you'll still find Chi-KN soldier in it


- Mecha Parts

Parts dropped when a mecha is destroy, can be use to craft a personal mecha

- The Personnal Mecha

Use the chi-KN technologie to fight the Chi-KN ! can be craft with Mecha parts



- The Fabulous Seed

Chicken LOVE this seeds, use it to ally with a Chi-KN and even be friend with them (maybe they might let you drive their Mecha ?)


The mod is currently in development so do not hesitate to suggest weapon ideas !




To-Do list : 


- Cookie Launcher

- Rail Gun

- Christmas Gun



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