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Mods Against Humanity: Voracious




Have you ever been out and about and realized you forgot your bag lunch? Well, starve no more my friend! Voracious allows you to put that hole in your face to new and exciting uses!


Mouth recipe


Craft a Mouth, and right-click it on a mob to eat it whole! Their hp will be directly converted into food and saturation and will keep you fed for as long as you have a supply of mobs.
By default, you can also eat hostile mobs. They fight back, however, and will give you poison for 10 seconds.


Voracious has an extensive config; you can toggle the ability to eat players, bosses, and hostiles, whether or not hostiles give you poison, and the duration and strength of the poison. You can also change the amount of hunger and saturation you get from each health point the mob had!


This mod honestly has way too much effort put into it. Thanks to LatvianModder for the pointers (and writing basically the entire mod), and the Modded Minecraft Discord for their neverending support in my awful, awful ideas.
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