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Filename voidislandcontrol-1.5.1.jar
Uploaded by Bartz24
Uploaded Dec 15, 2018
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 79d3ccc12601adc9aacf7b47278645f9
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions



Fixed custom island spawning for sure now

Added a buff timer config to control how long the buffs when teleporting should last

Players in single player or a single island co-op can build as far as they need

Fixed NPE when attempting to visit an offline player



Players get teleported directly on login, not after the first couple game ticks

Hopefully fixed custom island spawn points

Fixed typo on leave command to use correct command name

Fixed home command not working in other dimensions



Fixed the /islandAdmin getIslandHere command not working

Improved resistance time to avoid dying when tp-ing with the commands

Players who are the last to leave their island need to confirm by typing the command again



Fixed modded blocks not working in custom islands

Fixed forcespawn config being inverted

Improved the join/invite command help



Hotfix for crash on startup



New spawn point system

  • Uses data structure blocks. Place it where you want the player to spawn when creating custom islands, and give it the spawn_point tag
  • No longer uses the config file for this

Fixed some admin commands not working

Players should not die (as much) when being teleported



Fixed issue with island create command



Custom islands can now spawn with structure blocks in them

Fixed create island command working with createIslands config off

Fixed main spawn island not using the correct type in situations




Fixed spawn protection messages showing all the time

Fixed not being able to visit

Players now spawn to the correct starting dimension without crashes or errors

Added island protection config to disable the check for island protection



Added new world type "CUSTOMIZED" option in config

Fixed crash on creating world



Added some Admin commands
Added spawn protection
Added a Hide toast config
Added protection/build range of islands config
Players outside spawn or outside their island will get tp'ed
Added new world type "WORLDTYPE" option in config



Fixed spawning of the end portal in the end

Added config to change the dimension that island management occurs in

Extinguished players who spawn in the first time (Caused in rare occasions where the player may burn before spawning in the right spot)

Hide the help toast in other dimensions



Hopefully fixed the end/nether structure configs to work corectly



Fixed island creation issue when the spawn island at (0,0) was a custom island


Added force spawn config
Added main island (0,0) type config

Fixed grass island block issues



Added Custom Island support!

  • Uses structure block data
  • Place the .nbt files made using structure blocks in the "voidislandcontrolstructures" config folder
  • Add the island to the Custom Islands list in the config

Changed and improved config file. THIS WILL BREAK EXISTING CONFIGS

Changed and removed config for nether to no longer be 1:1 with the overworld! Portals will not go to the same locations!

Added config to spawn nether structures

Added config to make the end void

Added config to spawn end structures

Updated GoG right-clicking to match Botania's Improved spawning of players (hopefully better?)



Garden of glass island is back!



Fixed crash with entities traveling to the nether or something (hopefully)

Change toast notification to say /island for help to give a bigger list

Extended resistance time to avoid taking damage



Hotfix for crash with other entities

Island notification comes up when at spawn now



Hotfix for server crash



Added /kick command

Forces spectator game mode when visiting

Toast notification to tell you to /island create



Updated to 1.12!

Currently no GoG support obviously



Added island biome configs to change the biome around the islands



Wood island will change to warmer biome if it's cold



Hotfix for island data that was lost in 1.1.4



Added config option to disable the inventory being cleared/replaced


Fixed join/invite commands (hopefully)

Added GoG support on 1.11

Can now do special GoG stuff on GoG islands like getting pebbles (only in new created islands)

Disabled the create msg when auto create config is on



Snow islands that spawn in hot biomes will change to plains to allow for snowmen to spawn




Hotfix for invite/join commands



Added Garden of Glass support! 

Added the startingInv Command to set the config easily! 

Added join command! 

Added config to not allow players to create a new island

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