VM Computers


Warning: This mod can screw with your VirtualBox settings. If VirtualBox doesn't start normally, delete your configuration folder and try to start it again. If this doesn't fix it, please contact me on Reddit.


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VM Computers

Image showing most items

Order yourself computer parts from a satellite orbiting around your Minecraft world to build a computer that actually works!

How to install

1) Put the mod into your mods folder

2) Install VirtualBox (You need a version that starts with "6.1")

3) Done! The mod (or even VirtualBox) might not work if you don't restart your computer after installing VirtualBox.

How to order computer parts

1) Craft yourself an ordering tablet.



2) Wait until a satellite is over you. It orbits the minecraft world 5 times a day, so you should be able to catch it pretty quickly.Tablet

(It says "Satellite found! Connect to 'store' using ENTER")


3) From here on, it's pretty easy. The menus are plastered with guides and you should be able to order yourself some items pretty quickly.

How to create a virtual hard drive

1) Get a hard drive.

2) Right click, it doesn't matter if it's already assigned to a file or not.

3) Use the menu.

How to import an ISO

Put it into [minecraft directory]/vm_computers/isos and it will be automatically updated in-game.

How to build a computer

1) Place down a case.



2) Right click it.

Opened case

(I am the legal owner of a copy of Windows 98 and Windows XP)


3) Open the case.

Opened case


From here on out, it's basic. Greyed out button means that you don't own that item.

How to use a computer

Start it by clicking on the pc case and clicking on "Turn on". Then focus your input to the VM by clicking a screen. Warning: Key combinations are still processed by the host, e.g. Alt+F4 still closes the game.

How to pick up placed stuff

Sneak + right click on the thing

Contribute to the project on GitHub!