207,428 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017 Game Version: 1.10.2

What is Vitality

Vitality is a magic mod that adds new rituals and gameplay to survival minecraft. Everything in the mod is documented through the ingame guide, the Magicians Guidebook. In order to craft it, you will first need a basic wand, crafted with two sticks and a copper ingot as shown below.


Now, simply take your Basic Wand, and throw a Book on the ground. Right-click the book while holding your new Basic Wand, and it will transform into a Magicians Guidebook. You can then read everything you need to know about Vitality through this book.

Installation Requirements

Vitality requires Minecraft Forge and Guide API in order to work. Install both of these and Vitality and you should be good to go. Tell me if you have any issues in the comments section.


Using JEI with the mod is also recommended, so I would install that too if I was you.

If you're interested in this mod, come and chat with us at


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