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The Violium Mod adds violium from starbound and a few other little things. (reminder that i do not own Starbound or its rights, Chucklefish does.)

Note that this mod is in it's Beta Stage and it may be buggy, so if you encounter a bug please don't hesitate to put it in the comments



The first goal of the Violium mod is to Craft the Violium Broadsword so I'm going to be showing you how to do that.


The first thing you need to do is head for a Biome that generates packed ice (and lots of it) Make sure to bring a diamond pickaxe too.

After you head there you will need to mine a lot of packed ice to find some Violium ore, make sure to mine at least 12 of them.



Once you head back home, You will need to Smelt the Raw Violium. and save the Refined Violium for later.


Now you will need some Smelted Iron to make this you need to Smelt iron ingots, (again). You will need 13 Smelted iron to make the sword.



Now you will take 2 Smelted Iron ingots and one Refined Violium and Put them in this formation. You will get the handle for the sword from this recipe.



then you will need 4 Smelted Iron Ingots and 1 Refined Violium to make a Smelted iron ball.



Now the most Expensive part, you will need to fight and kill the wither to get the nether star. get 8 Refined Violium and Surround the star with them, you will get the violium star.


Now with that Violium star, get 3 Smelted iron, one Redstone and a emerald. put them in a slingshot-like shape and you got yourself a hilt for the sword!

(note that the violium star loses durability and not itself when you use it in recipes to make up for its expensiveness)


Now the Final step; Put 4 Smelted Iron in the corners 2 Refined Violium at the sides and then the things we made in this order (shown in image) and you created the Violium Broadsword!




I'm too lazy to make my own installation thing so ima yoink it from mousetweaks (go check it out too, it very gud)

  1. install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Put the Violiummod jar-file into the mods folder in your .minecraft directory.



As far as i know, it is compatible with every mod.




Feel free to use in modpacks.


Have fun with the mod and finding every little secret I put it there!


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