Violeta Cannons

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Violeta Cannons

have you ever wanted a cannon mod in minecraft?

here you go a Cannon mod for 1.12.2

This mod is a stand alone mod!


It is Compatible with Valkyrien Skies

You get 3 types of Cannon 

      Iron Cannon                                     Gold Cannon                                   Diamond Cannon  


Recipes (any wood will work)

Basic Controls:

1. After placing the cannon you can ride it by right click the cannon on the GROUND (ride no work on ships)

2. You can shoot the cannon by pressing R (you can rebind this key in settings)

3. To load the cannon you Shift + right click + empty hand (the cannon use Cobblestone as ammo)

4. Redstone works on the cannons

5. You can reload the cannon with Buildcraft pipes or Hoppers (It works like a chest)


This mod was commisioned by Doctor Peanut

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