VillagerConfig is an advanced fabric mod for customizing villagers. It allows loading custom villager trades using datapacks, customizing trade behavior, and more...


Custom trades

One of VillagerConfig's most powerful features are the custom trades. Custom trades allows mod-pack creators, server owners and others to completely customize wandering trader and villager trades! If you want to create your own custom datapack, make sure to check out the wiki!

Online generator

Setting up custom trades can be quite annoying, so a custom online generator has been created to help creating datapack files with a convenient graphical user interface and an instant preview! Check it out here!


You can configure a maximum and minimum discount a villager can put on their trades.

Old trade mechanics

There is a config option that allows to enable trade mechanics, that replicate the trade behaviour before the 1.14 village and pillage update.


There are several other config options available to customize villager behaviour!

Trade cycling

Whether villagers trades will change, when their workstation is replaced (and they haven't been traded with)

Conversion chance

The chance for a villager to convert to a villager-zombie

Infinite trades

Whether villagers need to restock their trades