Villager Tweaks

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Filename VillagerTweaks[1.8]-2.2.jar
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Uploaded Mar 10, 2015
Game Version 1.8  
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- Added achievements;
- Iron golem skin display how damaged they are - 2 overlays added, applied over the regular skin
- Named pumpkins creates named iron/snow golems;
- Villager that gets zombified will keep custom name (and persistence);
- Villager that gets zombified will keep keep profession - 5 new skins added;
- Cured zombie villagers preserve custom name and profession;


- Fixed server crash

- Updated to Minecraft 1.8;
- Current Features:
    - Zombie Villagers may drop emeralds (15% chance + 5% per looting level);
    - Regular zombies may drop feathers (5% chance);
    - Villagers can be named by sneaking + right-clicking on them with a name tag;
- Removed requiring player kill to drop emeralds, the chance is low enough;
- Removed Witches spawning on swamps since vanilla added that a while ago;