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Raid&Trade [FORGE] (Villager Brute mod)

You want a buff villager?! Yoooo here it is!


This mod adds a new mob called Villager Brute.

The Villager Brute is the human-iron golem and can naturally spawn in villages and pillager outposts instead of iron golems, Iron golems can only be summoned by building their structure or by commands. The Villager Brute will drop an apple (0-1) and iron (0-2), they have some funny Easter eggs, you should check it out by yourselves, he can heal villagers and can kill anything iron golem can kill too and fixing the problem of the iron golem for not killing Creepers! Now, the Villager Brute will kill Creepers! They can sleep at night and kill you if you attack them. + Iron block now have new texture.

Basically: Villager Brutes are a replacement for the Iron Golem, and they can be found naturally spawning in Villages and Pillager Outposts. You’ll find that they’ll defend Villages as an Iron Golem would, and they can even kill Creepers.


(Next update is big so stay tuned!)




MrStone: Project Creator, Founder

YeoXuHang: Code

SadSquire: Idea, Models, Textures, Sounds

DanielArtist: Models, Textures

RandomChelModels, Textures

LemonPie: Builds

Uraneptus: Page Design


Q: Will it be for fabric?

A: Yes! Really soon!

Q: Can I download it from other websites?

A: You should not! The official mod is only available here CurseForge.

Q: Can I add it to my Modpack?

A: Sure! Just make sure to credit us😉

Q: Can I make a video about it?

A: Sure! Just make sure to put a download link and credit us!

Q: I found a bug, where do I report it?

A: You should check out Discord Server.


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