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Village Taverns 2 is an update to the original Village Taverns mod by AngleWyrm.

In addition to the original new village structure, the tavern, it adds three more buildings: a barn (in two variants) with sheep, a stall/stable with a horse and a bakery.


The tavern has a bed, a chest with assorted random loot, and a barmaid who sells basic potions and buys your mixes (awkward potion) if you brew some of your own.

Barn Barn (extended)

The barn is the most common of the buildings (but you can change that in the configuration). It spawns in two variants; the smaller one has just one or two additional sheep spawning alongside it (typically inside, but Minecraft's entity spawn code is wonky), the big one also has a new villager type, the shepherdess. The shepherdess will trade wool for string. She also sells all kinds of wool for your hard-earned emeralds and will occasionally want to buy shears from you.


The stall is an "open" building. It spawns together with a random horse and a new villager type, the hostler, who'll sell leashes, apples, saddles, hay, sometimes even iron horse armour, name tags and golden carrots. In return, he buys slime balls and wheat.

http://i.imgur.com/IRfqJWz.png http://i.imgur.com/zLYKTLI.png

The bakery (since version 2.0.4/2.1.4) is where you can buy all your sweets (cakes, cookies and plain old sugar) as well as bread. It buys most of the raw materials used for it, like sugar cane, wheat and eggs.


Original design and code
Barmaid texture
Barn, stable and bakery designs

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