Village Box

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  1. 30+ new professions of villagers with unique trading lists and skins.
  2. profession upgrading system
  3. upgrading villagers to have 170+ new items:
    • new weapons and armors
    • cool magic items
    • tables and chairs
    • new fruits, food and drinks
    • new paintings
    • ....
  4. more professions and new features are coming!
  5. works on mp servers!


  1. install forge (recommended version: 1.8.9 - )
  2. put the jar file on mods folder
  3. run minecraft to play


by Boiks


How do I get my first villager?

You should find a villger with following steps:

1. craft a mailbox by using recipe: 1 any plank + 1 paper ---> mailbox

2. craft an invitation by using recipe: 1 paper + 1 ink + 1 feather ---> invitation

3. Put the mailbox in somewhere of the world, then hold a invitation and right click on the mailbox.

4. Wait for a while, you will receive a letter, right click the letter and you can find a approve button on it.

5. Click the approve button, a villager will appear in front of you :)

I can't upgrade and trade with a villager!

You need to make a home and move the villager in before trading and upgrading with him/her; 

How to build a valid house for villagers?

minimun requiments of a valid house:

1. the roof should be fully covered

2. the villager should be surrounded by blocks (at least 1 tile height) on xz-plane (y is the height) 


How to get coins?

There a several ways to get coins in the game

* destroy blocks (grass, stone, dirt, tree...)

* kill mobs (zombie, skeleton...)

* Alchemy Pot

I can only find bronze coins, how to get silver coins and gold coins?

You need to upgrade a villager to a banker. A banker can help you to exchange coins.

What is Treasure Hunt Level?

A higher treasure hunt level will help you get more coins 

What if one of my villagers was killed by mobs/myself/my stupid buddy?

Don't worry, dead villagers will revive after a short time.

How to use the Alchemy Pot?

Put the pot in the world and fill it with water. Toss any item into it, it will consume the item and occasionally pop coins.

Are you making another MCA?

We are fans of MCA, but we are not going to make a clone. Although they have some similar features(following ,setting home, new skins...), Village Box are unique: you can highly customize your own village and upgrade villagers to unlock new items, blocks and gameplays!


Looking for beta feedbacks

Village box is still in beta now, so please send me your comments/issue reports/cool ideas, they are very important to improved the mod.

New contents

We actually have some ideas that haven't implemented, so new features/professions/items/blocks are coming with updating.


You are allowed to use the mod in modpacks as long as you make a link to this page or here


If you want to help translate this mod to other languages, please contact us!


Corail31 - French translation

joshwoo69 - fixed typos

xMrVizzy - RU translation