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there is a problem with the debug stick in 1.19.2 where it gets stuck on different block variants. This is not an issue with victorymod but a problem with the vanilla debug stick. To overcome this I recommend using the world edit brush /tool cycler. The good news is that this bug is not prevalent in 1.19.3




Victory Mod is an add on style mod to help create atmosphere in your builds by adding 100s of blocks like a customisable bed system, medieval profession blocks and small detailing blocks. A lot of the blocks have alternate blockstates so make sure to use your debug stick on everything to unlock different blockstates. It was created with conquest reforged in mind but has no dependency on it or optifine.

The textures are designed to match with 32x textures and should suit any pack with those texture sizes.


While it is playable in survival it is not optimised for it and as such you may not have access to all the mod has to offer as the debug stick needs to be used. Some recipes are as simple as putting a block in a stonecutter and others require a crafting table. Later on I will be doing a survival overhaul for the mod but for now is best enjoyed in the creative building space.


Back up your worlds!! when adding this or any other mods to your project please make back ups of your work.


More to come! this is just the beginning for VictoryMod I have a list of things I want to do and add with this mod so watch this space


Patreon Support!

If you would like to support this or any of the other things that I am working on Patreon is an amazing way to say thank you.



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