Vic's Modern Warfare Mod

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Filename mw_2.0-
Uploaded by Vic4GamesTwitch
Uploaded Apr 18, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 26.27 MB
Downloads 2,597,930
MD5 69cbe3bd707a5284b1af20ebf0a9b0b9
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


MW 2.0 v0.4.4.6 mc1.12.2 


  • --------- FIXES ---------


  • Fixed most bugs (only bugs left are very small insignificant bugs, or the ones not discovered by the public)
  • Fixed most missing names
    Fixed most missing textures
    Fixed most crashes (w/ the exception of the forge crash, to fix this, install optifine)

--------- ADDITIONAL CONTENT ---------

--------- WEAPONRY ---------


  • Added new attachments


  • Added Benelli Supernova
  • Added Colt Python
  • Added P226
  • Added SCCY
  • Added Taurus Raging Hunter .44 Magnum
  • Added Chiappa Rhino
  • Added .500 Magnum
  • Added Desert Eagle (along with a body conversion)
    Added FN P90 (along with conversion kits)
    Added HK MP7
    Added MG-34
    Added Browning Hi-Power
    Added AK-12
    Added Bren MkII
    Added M1 Garand
    Added Browning Auto-5
    Added HK G11
    Added AUG-A1 (and conversion kits for A2 and A3, PARA, and EF-88)
    Added NTW-20
    Added Johnson LMG
    Added Johnson Rifle
    Added Stoner A1
    Added RPK and RPK-16 (in the form of conversion kits - RPK is a conversion for AK-47, and the RPK-16 is a conversion for the AK-15)
    Added HS-12
    Added Kriss Vector (along with conversion kits, including a 5.56 conversion)
    Added DP-28
    Added G43 Gewehr
  • Added M32 MGL
  • Added M60E4
  • Added M249
  • Added M134 Minigun
  • Added Chiappa Triple Crown
  • Added Quad Barrel Shotgun
  • Added M202 FLASH
  • Added M79 Grenade Launcher
  • Added BFG 9000 (semi-WIP—still functional)
  • Added Fatman

    Added AR-57 Conversion kit for M4A1
  • Added .44 Magnum Conversion kit for M1911
    Added Samurai Edge Conversion kits for M9A1

    --------- MOBS ---------


Added back bandits

  • Added Blistered Zombie (Contagion Official Server lore)
  • Added Ripper Zombie (Contagion Official Server lore)
  • Added Torn Zombie (Contagion Official Server lore)
  • Added Hazmat Zombie (Contagion Official Server lore)
  • Added Defiled Zombie (Contagion Official Server lore)
  • Added Necromorph (Dead Space)
  • Added Licker (Resident Evil 2)
  • Added Molded (Resident Evil 7)
  • Added Deathclaw (Fallout)

    --------- EXTRAS ---------


  • Added Chainsaw


  • Added T-60 Power Armor (Fallout) (WIP)
    Added WFI Astronaut Armor (Contagion Official Server lore)
    Added Doom Eternal slayer Armor (WIP)