1,053 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 28, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2

Simply gives villagers some drops finally


This mod is also configurable with the following options:

# Should the mod run


# The base chance multiplier for an item to drop
D:"Base Chance"=0.1


# The chance multiplier to be added per looting level
D:"Chance addition per looting"=0.05


# If true, Villagers will only drop emeralds
B:"Emeralds only"=false


# The max amount of times items can be drawn from the pool
I:"Max Item Pool draws"=3


# If true, the items will drop only if the villager was killed by a player
B:"Player only loot"=false


 Note that I am aware of the mod Pillagers but it lacked the ability to have drops without player kills and had an extra dependency on the Bookshelf library..

I have credited the creator of Pillagers in the mod


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