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Vertigoes is a small Forge Minecraft mod that aims to.. oh well, I'm just adding neat random things that I find useful and maybe you'd like!


Here are the features, but I recommend using JEI to see in-game descriptions:


Screenshot of added items/blocks


- Myosotis (flower)

retains the coordinates of the last time it was placed
with an eye of ender can be made into the Ender Myosotis


- Ender Myosotis

one-use teleport with the condition that you are in the same dimension as the saved coordinates


- Primal Pearl

while in inventory, completing certain tasks may transform this and give you some benefits


- The Plant-life Pearl

obtained by drowning in a swamp biome with a Primal Pearl in inventory
benefits on right-click you can put a special Plant Essence block with the pearl indefinitely (useful for scaffolding)


- The Animal-life Pearl

obtained by breeding 20 animals with a Primal Pearl in inventory
benefits while in hotbar, you deal extra damage to undead mobs (equal to Smite IV)
disabled if you kill a Villager or an animal


- The Death Pearl

obtained by killing 13 villagers with a Primal Pearl in inventory
benefits while in main hand, undead creatures can't damage you (still take knockback)
disabled if you cure a Zombie Villager


- The Aquatic Pearl

obtained by killing 25 Drowned with a Primal Pearl in inventory
benefits while in main hand, gain Water Breathing
disabled if you kill any fish/water friendly creature


- The Unstoppable Force

using it on Bedrock teleports you to The End
breaking a Beacon with it drops instead a Heart of Glass


- Heart of Glass

In a 9x9x9 area of effect every player receives Regeneration II. Glows and can be waterlogged.
The potion effect can be changed by using a Lingering Potion of the desired effect on it.