Vertically Stacked Dimensions

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Filename VerticalDimensionStack-1.12.2-0.0.5.jar
Uploaded by Cd4017be
Uploaded Feb 23, 2019
Game Version Java 10
Size 110.83 KB
Downloads 257
MD5 13bf49817216f070f770adfec7662a0d
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions
Supported Java Versions
Java 10
Java 9
Java 8



  • made portals generate particle effects so they're visible when open too
  • added more clean bedrock removal feature that prevents it from being generated in the first place instead of replacing it afterwards
  • fixed ceiling portals blocking precipitation and confusing things like spawnpoint logic and generation of surface structures
  • added config option to not generate ceiling portals on demand (not stricly needed anymore ^^)
  • made portals already sync during world-gen if adjacent chunk happens to be loaded


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