Vertical Spawn Control


This mod has no GUI!

First download and install CubicChunks from this place: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/opencubicchunks


This Cubic Chunks addon allow users to setup custom mob spawn per axis aligned area and block "natural" spawn in those areas.

To do so, download provided Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/file/2lqsi0255o2j3ip/vertical_spawn_control.json , alter it a way you want and drop it to <minecraft_dir>/saves/<your_world_name>/data/vertical_spawn_control/ or <minecraft_forge_dedicated_server_dir>/world/data/vertical_spawn_control/ for dedicated servers. 


Download VSCPreset editor application from this place:

Link Removed: http://www.mediafire.com/file/v9su1r8g7vxlnq4/VSCPresetEditor-v0.2.1.jar/file

And edit existing presets or make a new ones from scratch.


It is not necessary to install this mod client-side if you are playing in a server with this mod installed.


Everything outside of a listed in Json ranges should be spawned according vanilla rules. In listed ranges vanilla respawn could be disabled by setting "block_natural_spawn" : true and only listed entities will spawn. Mob spawners should not be affected by mod.

Once mobs are spawned they will move freely outside of spawn layer.

You can list a same mob in several different layers. If you have some mod installed you can spawn entities from them as well. To do so you need to set a correct registry key for it for key "class". For example "class" : "examplemod:exampleentity".

You can spawn any entities, which will not "naturally" spawn at given biome and dimension.

Mob will spawn on world tick event.


Conditions "min_light_level" and "max_light_level" define a range of light when entity is allowed to spawn.

Conditions "only_in_biomes" and "exclude_biomes" define a biomes where entities is allowed to spawn ("only_in_biomes") or where entities are not allowed to spawn ("exclude_biomes").

'"only_in_biomes"' and '"exclude_biomes"' apply layer-wide and not spawn-wide. You need to put them at a same level as "from",and "to".



Mod will load spawn settings from following places:

  • <minecraft_dir>/saves/<your_world_name>/data/vertical_spawn_control/vertical_spawn_control.json - For the Overworld
  • <minecraft_dir>/saves/<your_world_name>/DIM-1/data/vertical_spawn_control/vertical_spawn_control.json - For the Nether
  • <minecraft_dir>/saves/<your_world_name>/DIM1/data/vertical_spawn_control/vertical_spawn_control.json - For the End.

It is possible that mod will work with other dimensions as well. If there is no settings defined at those places, mod will not have any effect on world mob spawn. All other files in folders except vertical_spawn_control.json will be ignored.


Since using NBT data you can set any death loot table (including newly created), you might find this page interesting: https://github.com/skylinerw/guides/blob/master/java/loot tables.md