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Vereya provides python api for controlling a player in minecraft. It consists of the mod itself and a python library tagilmo.


Video demonstration AI agent obtaining diamond with peaceful difficulty level https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKVfPcaZgcg


Vereya is a Minecraft mod that provides a comprehensive Python API for controlling your player in-game. Originally a port of the Malmo project to newer versions of Minecraft, Vereya has since been heavily rewritten and diverged from its original source.

With Vereya, you can:

Start and stop the game from a script
Switch between manual control and Python script control by pressing the enter key
Get the position and orientation of the player
Get an RGB image of what the player is currently seeing
Get a 3D grid of nearby blocks
Get the block at the center of the screen
And much more.
The mod also provides the option for simplified (no GUI) crafting and includes example scripts where the agent crafts what you tell it to via chat command, and one where the agent roams through the world trying to find unseen types of blocks, showcasing different possibilities of mod's API.


Vereya requires the Fabric Loader and Fabric API to be installed and running on your computer in order to work.


For issues, feature requests and support please visit github https://github.com/trueagi-io/Vereya

client library and examples https://github.com/trueagi-io/minecraft-demo


It's alpha version and we tested the mod only in single player game, some methods might not work when running on server.
Out example agents can't fight yet!


only version for Minecraft 1.20.1 is actively maintained, older versions might not have the most recent features and bugfixes