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This mod is mostly just what I've made while teaching myself to mod for Minecraft, there is some 'cool' things that you may find handy though. 


Some Blocks now respond to redstone signals Digger, Crop Tub and Fish Tank:
by default they dont require redstone, but right clicking the block with a redstone torch with toggle the requirement


Digger implemented - which digs a 16x16 area all the way down to y level 1 in front of it and always to the right. 


Added support for RF 


Buffed default multiplier from 1, 2, 3, to 1, 10, 20







New in 1.4.1

  • Cleaned up some more code internally
  • Added Tiers to the Energy Generator, Energy Furnace and Energy Storage. the higher the tier the more powerfull
  • Config file support, lots to edit and change in there, including the Tier buff



Currently contains


Quality Textures

Its not really my strong point(obviously), i prefer function over cosmetics


All machines run on the Forge Energy network

with the exception of the Energy Converter which receives FE, but outputs EU and RF


Energy Storage

Name says it all

  • Max Energy Stored : 50 000
  • Transfer Speed : 1 000


Vault MultiBlock Energy Storage - Gone in 1.4 and above

A Multi Block for Energy! Currently it supports a 3x3 with gap in the middle.

  • Max Energy Stored : 1 500 000
  • Transfer Speed : 37 500 


Energy Battery Item

Can receive and extract energy.

  • Max Energy Stored : 10 000
  • Transfer Speed : 500


Fe to RF Energy Converter - Gone in 1.4 and above

While testing this mod with others I found some that worked with FE and some that didn't, so i made this to help bridge that gap.

  • Max Energy : 10 000
  • Transfer Speed : 1000
  • 1RF = 1FE, 1Eu = 4FE


Energy Furnace

This can smelt 3 things at once, no speed increase, more so for just convenience of having 1 block instead of 3. Items inserted will be spread across to the other inputs, but you can have 3 separate items cooking and produce 3 separate outputs


Energy Generator

Just a generic coal generator.

  • Max Energy Stored : 20 000
  • Transfer Speed : 500
  • Produces : 50 every 20 ticks


Energy Tools

Pickaxe, Axe, Hoe, Shovel and Sword

  • Iron, Gold and Diamond Variants
  • Max Energy Stored : 10 000
  • Energy Per Use : 100


Hydro Nutrient Tank

This block converts water and Nutrient Mixture into Nutrient Fluid which can be used to supply the Hydro Tubs


Hydro Fish Tank

Store fish, generate nutrient fluid.


Hydro Crop Tub

These fun blocks will cause the Crops above them to grow quicker, they will be even quicker if an Air Stone is provided and quicker again if it has Fluid(water is a tiny bit faster, Nutrient Fluid is ALOT faster). They will also harvest the crop above and put it into its internal storage, kinda silly but i like it :D i always hate having to go harvest crops!



things to note, i wouldn't be surprised with the odd bug here and there. I have tried to squash them as much as possible. Feedback is more then welcome!




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