Vegan Alternative

1,125 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 12, 2017 Game Version: 1.11.2


This is an updated version of The Vegan Option.


  • Backpack (Basic and Advanced) - Credit to the publishers of Forestry since a significant amount of logic and code fragments came from  the mod. After 2 days of trying to integrate, I had to give up. Why let all the research go to waste?!
    • Shift-click modes: Neutral, Locked, Resupply, Receive
      • Normal Use
        • Locked - Items can only be removed or added directly.
        • Resupply - always replenishes items currently in your inventory and all newly picked-up items are added, if item is already present and not full.
        • Receive - receives all newly picked-up items and replenishes itself with items from the inventory.
        • Neutral, Resupply, and Receieve - will add all newly picked-up items if the inventory is full. (Locked will not)
      • Shift-click Container:
        • Locked - adds all backpack items to the container.
        • Neutral - adds all inventory items to the backpack.
        • Resupply - replenishes items in the inventory with the same items in the backpack.
        • Receive - replenishes items in the backpack with the same items in the inventory. 
  • Helianthus - otherwise known as Sunflower, is now growable, so you can now mass produce that vegetable oil! And, with Forestry, the oil and seeds become very useful in the fermenter and squeezer.
  • Forestry* Integration 
    • Vegetable Wax and Beeswax are interchangeable!  
    • Unmanaged Farms - Jute Plant and Helianthus (aka, sunflower) are fully operational... Once you build the farm.
    • Carpenter - Many recipes added, so explore. A worthy mention, "Forget working your hands raw while manually washing your wheats. The carpenter will turn wheat flour into raw seitan at the push of button"!
    • Squeezer - seeds go in here!
    • Moistener - did you hear this can produce false morels?
    • Fermenter - Have extra milk, vegetable oil, or even raw ender? Well, produce some biogas! Don't forget to add other items, or else! The machine will not do anything. Many recipes added.
    • Crates -  "put a crate on it"? No, "put it in a crate"!

*This was built with forestry_1.11.2- Let me know if you find issues with release after the indicated release. Remember, the listed features are only available with Forestry installed.



  • Basin - Overhauled - Multidirectional - Can leak - Wheat Flour and Frozen Bubble directly usable - Bottle and Bucket capable (Bottles must be registered with Vegan Option) - 10 Bucket Storage Capacity - Comparator capabale.
  • Apple Sauce - Requires a piston to craft.
  • Composting - Additional Items capable (such as wheat, carrots...).
  • Doll Eye/False Morel/Fermented False Morel - Respective Potions added.
  • EnderRift - Only destroys water source blocks during the day.

Proposed Additions

  • Alternative Items: Prismarine Shard and Prismarine Crystals - Shulker Shell - Rabbit foot - Dragon egg - Nether star
  • Multi Kitchen Block - Mashing, Pressurizing, and Mixing
  • Raw Ender - Flow upward, instead of down
  • Basin - Hopper capable
  • Milk Bucket - Add cactus variant

Upcoming Changes/Fixes

  • Composting - adding dirt in limited supply. Makes sense, and dirt needs more uses.


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