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First release!


Known bugs:

  • Blindfold non-functional (intermittent)



  • Holy symbols, available ranging from wood to diamond, can be used to repel Undead creatures at the cost of durability
  • Crowbar, can be used to open/close iron doors and trapdoors without redstone
  • Hood, can be worn up or down and dyed, crafted from 5 leather, hides username when worn up
  • Magician's Hat, essentially a stylish leather helmet
  • Blindfold, can be worn both as a helmet or Head curio, prevents most vision whilst worn in either slot
  • Cosmetic Blindfold, made from a blindfold and 2 spectral arrows, a purely decorative version of the blindfold
  • Iron and Gold rings, purely decorative Ring items
  • Silversheen, can be crafted with a weapon to temporarily bypass Fey damage reduction with attacks
  • Golembane Scarab, grants +50% damage against Constructs whilst worn
  • Sustaining Spoon, an unlimited-use food item
  • Luckstone, +1 Luck when worn in a Charm slot
  • Crown of the Archfey, an imposing decorative headpiece for lords of the forest (Creative-only, dyeable)
  • Court Fey Mask, a stylish piece of face-wear for the discerning fair-folk subject (Creative-only, dyeable) 
  • Horns (ram, deer, kirin, and hartebeest styles), Head-slot decorative items that are not dropped upon death (Creative-only, dyeable)

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