Not actually a library mod! It just does a bunch of things that I find useful, that might be included in other mods but I like having them here so I don't need to overly bloat my packs, primarily involving Blood Magic, Botania, Thaumcraft, Extra Utilities 2 and the One Probe compatibility, as well as additions to Vanilla.

Each feature can generally be configured individually. While the mod is theoretically set up to allow you to run it with all or none of the required dependencies, this hasn't been fully tested yet.

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Here's a list of what it can do:


  • "Wings" brew (implementing the Flight potion from Blood Magic)
  • "Manabound" enchantment (repairs items enchanted with it using mana, with a configurable cost that is greater than normal mana items by default)

The One Probe compatibility:

  • Information showing the current brew and the duration left for an incense plate.


  • Compressed Vis Battery: combines 9 vis batteries into one block, storing the same amount as nine but potentially overloading the vis aura as it dumps more vis per tick on average.
  • Option to disable porous stone drops and only drop the actual porous stone (disabled by default)

The One Probe compatibility:

  • Power of Vis Battery
  • Power of Compressed Vis Battery
  • Growth size of Vis Crystals
  • Progress of Void Siphon

Blood Magic

  • Provides a "Blood Apple". Creative-only item that can be consumed to grant 1,000,000 LP to your network.
  • Imperfect Ritual: Day (using a block of gold), turns night into day for 500 LP.
  • Imperfect Ritual: Sun (using Sunny Quartz if Botania is installed, or a normal block of Quartz), turns rain into sunshine for 5000LP.
  • Meteor Ritual Tweak: Allows for a solid platform to automatically be generated at a configurable Y height above the Master Ritual Stone. Handy for when you forget.

Top Compatibility:

  • Provides information about imperfect and normal rituals, including activation costs and name.
  • For normal rituals, also displays if the ritual is active, or if it has been disabled with redstone.

Extra Utilities 2

Top Compatibility:

  • Simply provides growth information about Ender Lillies.


  • Option to remove repair costs during anvil events.
  • New Silvered Apple, using silver ingots to craft instead of gold. Can also be used to breed horses.
  • Option to allow horses to move through leaves and to give them a boost in water to prevent them sinking (credit to BlayTheNinth).
  • Option to cause Woodland Mansions to spawn in additional biomes. By default, this includes all Birch Forests, Forests, Forest Hills, Taigas, Roofed Forests and Redwood Taigas from Vanilla; Thaumcraft: Magical Forest, Traverse: Woodlands, Autumnal Woods, Thicket, Forested Hills, Birch Forested Hills, Autumnal Wooded Hills and Snowy Coniferous Forest.
  • Option to display ore dictionary entries in item tooltips.
  • Option to increase the stack sizes of a variety of things (including cake, ender pearls, snowballs, signs and enchanted books, amongst others). These can be set to a configured size (default 64) or -1 to retain the default.
  • Option to make the end portal frame breakable.
  • Option to disable crop trampling.
  • Option to age baby villagers using emeralds.
  • New item: Potion of Fisherman's Boon. Functions by increasing luck and the speed at which the fishing hook activates.
  • New item: Potion of Attraction. When drunk, causes animals to be instantly attracted to you. When thrown as a splash potion, it causes animals to mate.
  • New item: Potion of Wings: When drunk, gives 2.5 minutes of creative flight.
  • New system: Defiled Ground. Highly configurable (server-side) variant of Cursed Earth from Extra Utilities 2. 
  • New block: Featherweight. Functionally similar to the balloon from Immersive Engineering, Angel Block from Extra Utilities 2, etc.
  • Command: /enchsim will generate simulated enchantments for enchantment power 0 through 75 in increments of 5. Useful when combining with Apotheosis.
  • Command: /varinfo will print out the player's current openContainer class on both the client and the server, useful for checking for desyncs.

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